Another one bites the dust!

Yep that’s what Ryan’s sock looks like. I bet you were wondering about the progress and where I had gotten with it! well that’s where I had gotten. Oh before you start to think that i ripped out all that work i guess i should show you another picture of Ryan’s sock.

Yep that’s right I finished the first sock and isn’t it a lovely sock. Look at the way it just splays itself along the desk lounging gracefully. It is already begging me to become a model, despite my attempts to remind it of the evils of the fashion industry. For those of you not paying attention this yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in the Shadow colorway. I love the way it stripes causing a nice look.

I have always maintained self striping sock yarns are not for control freaks these socks only prove that matter! I have already noticed that even though both the skeins are the same dye lot they are not perfect. The second skein has more black and mess whit and in general seems darker. I don’t have too many issues with this and nor does Ryan so it should be fine. We will have to see after they are finished. They have been moved up to bus socks so thus they should be finished sooner!

Now I bet you have been wondering what has happened to the bottom up deep ocean vest I’m working on. Well I’m working on it but darn that slip stitch doesn’t want to grow. I really looked at the ribbing and realized 3 inches was much more appropriate than 4.

It’s currently in a total of 4.5 inches long and looking good, the disadvantage of the linen stitch is that it takes two rows to equal one. so this is slow going but at least it’s going! here’s a nice close up of the beautiful yarn! I reall love this color too!

Also a couple of weeks ago I was doing the shopping and saw some beautiful blue and green food dyes that came in pretty decent sizes for fairly cheap I grabbed them and some vinegar and came home and did some dyeing! This is the fruits of my labor! some dyed roving and some blank yarn i had and finally some over dyed yarn (that was a really ugly country blue nasty color)

(Sorry its fuzzy I could NOT get a clear picture of this yarn for the life of me!)