Tarot Readings

I am a calm and balanced tarot reader. I use my intuition and guidance from earth. I work with many different decks but primarily work with The Gilded Tarot. Tarot isn’t just something I do for work or money, it is an everyday guidance for myself, it is a part of who I am and what I do. I have seen how Tarot can change lives and unlock hidden passions.

Tarot is a unique system that unlocks not only my intuition but inspiration. With it I can guide you through the next chapters of your life and provide you with clear and concrete advice in the stickiest of situations. Every reader has a unique and intimate relationship with the cards and thus is able to achieve different things. I work with the cards in a compassionate manner providing insights.

I personally believe the future is a constantly malleable and fluctuating, and we constantly are able to change what’s ahead. As such I don’t do timelines, or concrete predictions. I can’t help find lost jewelry or dogs.

NB: I won’t read for a third person as I don’t have their consent, and you yourself must be 18 or older.

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