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Terms of Service
Any and All prices listed in this contract are in New Zealand dollars (and are current at June 2023). I reserve the right to update the terms as and when necessary.

Quotations (valid for 28 days)
The initial quote is based off of the information you provide at the initial consultation (e.g. fabric preferences, design, embellishments etc). Should any changes to the design develop, the quote will change.

Your commission time-slot will only be secured once your deposit has been paid. I serve my customers on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Your place in my schedule cannot be secured without payment of the deposit.

As my schedule can fill rapidly, your place in my schedule can only be confirmed upon payment of the initial deposit. The Initial deposit holds your place in my schedule and consists of 20% of the quoted price and counts towards the total cost of your commission.

A full deposit to the value of 50% of your commission is required before any work will begin on your commission regardless of your place in my schedule and is required 28 days before scheduled commencement. (the initial deposit counts towards the ‘full deposit’).

Payment of the deposit will confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Unfortunately, either deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation.

I have no obligation to commence work on any item until I receive from you written acceptance of these terms and conditions together with the requested 50% deposit payment.

I work hard to ensure the best service and strive to produce a high quality product that exceeds expectations. I am so happy that out of the options you have chosen me to work with you on your dream garment. I will do my best to make the experience a strong and positive one.

I know that sometimes as work begins creative ideas pop up and you realise you might want something slightly different, or changes made. Wherever possible I will strive to fit these within the current quote but changes may need to be made to the time schedule. If extra work is required, this will be charged at the hourly rate of $75 per hour.

If you have any concerns about fit, garment design, or anything else during the process, please raise them as soon as possible. Once the garment is finished and you have paid for it, it is deemed that it fulfils the contract and you have accepted it as it is.

I encourage your feedback as I work hard to make you happy.

I will do my utmost to meet deadlines if you tell me about them at the initial consultation. However, unless it is stated explicitly in this contract, time shall not be of the essence in performance; custom clothing is a labour of love and I endeavour to provide high quality finish and finesse. Most garments take at least 12 weeks and longer wait times may apply due to my workload but I will advise you of this at the initial consultation.

Completing your order on time will require you to provide me with necessary information (such as measurements), agree to concept sketches, approve mock-ups or photographs, attend fitting sessions, or to complete scheduled payments on time. Any delays due to these can and will result in a later finish date.

Unfortunately, if continual or unreasonably long delays in meeting any necessary requirements happen, I may change the completion date at my discretion so as not to inconvenience my other waiting clients. Alternatively if a change of date is not able to be arranged I may cancel your order and apply my cancellation policy.

If you have to cancel a fitting appointment, scheduling a replacement may be affected by other work commitments, and may affect any deadline.

Acceptance of urgent work is at my discretion and will attract a premium charge. I will not accept urgent work if we do not feel certain of meeting your deadline.

Unfortunately, I do not provide a refund if you have simply changed your mind about an item you have partly or fully paid for.

However, I will happily provide a refund, exchange or repair as required under New Zealand law.

As stated above a 50% deposit is required to begin any and all work on your order, to the exclusion of any other potential customers.

Unfortunately, this deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation.

I will happily refund any payments made over this amount minus reasonable costs for:

a) work already commenced (including concept design, measurement and cutting) charged at my standard hourly rate ($75/hr); and

b) materials purchased for your order; and

c) any storage fees from holding onto and unfinished garment during a non-payment period.

I will provide you with an itemised account of any costs incurred, if any amount above 50% is to be retained.

Any completed orders will incur full payment, and product will be delivered as agreed.

I see clients by appointment only. Fittings are held in my studio (located in Naenae, Lower Hutt, New Zealand).

Fittings can be arranged at a location more convenient for you, but will incur a travel charge of $75 per hour from my studio to your location and back along with any travel costs. The fitting itself is already included in your custom service and thus you will not be charged extra for.

You must bring to any fitting appointments the underwear and shoes that you intend to wear with the completed garment. The fitting may not proceed otherwise, resulting in an extra charge of $75. (You will be advised in advance when it will be necessary for you to bring these items).

Fittings last up to an hour from the appointment time. Longer appointments may apply for the fitting of multiple or complex garments such as bridal gowns or corsets. Expect several fittings; garment(s) take time, skill and patience.

Please come to your fittings alone, unless arranged prior.

Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule appointments; missed appointments will incur an additional charge of $75.

Long Distance Fittings
At this time, I am not offering long distance fittings unless extraordinary circumstances happen. The details of this will be discussed if and when this occurs.

At the initial consultation, fabrics and embellishments will be discussed. Luxurious, high quality materials are usually sourced on your behalf as part of the service.

If intend to supply any materials, please discuss this with me during to consultation. Please ensure they are fit for the intended purpose, clean and ready to be used. Any cleaning either by hand or dry cleaning that may be required before work can be completed will be done at your expense. I reserve the right to refuse to work with unsuitable or unclean materials. Any large pieces of excess material will be returned to you with your completed garment(s).

Any leftover materials supplied by Brooklynne will remain my property. You will only be charged for what is used in your garment(s).

All patterns drafted for your garment(s) will remain the property of Brooklynne and are not for sale. Patterns are kept on file for 12 months and should you wish to order another garment made with the exact same pattern a discount will apply to your future order. The pattern as a whole will not be used for any other client, but elements of it might be reused where suitable.

Payment and Collection
I generally accept payments in 3-8 instalments, depending on the total value.

Payment is accepted by one of the following means: Direct Deposit (New Zealand only), Credit Card (through Xero).

Once payment dates and amounts have been agreed upon it is your responsibility to make payments on time.

I understand things come up and you may need to change a payment date. I request that you please let me know in advance so a new payment date can be arranged. If you miss a payment without contacting me within 14 days, then I reserve the right to cancel your commission following my cancellation policy.

Due to my busy schedule, any delay in payment will result in your order being put on hold. A new completion date will be at my discretion. Orders will only be held for a maximum of six months before my cancellation policy comes into effect and all payment will be subject to forfeit.

Payment in full is required before the garment(s) may be collected or dispatched. No exceptions. (Funds must be cleared into my bank account)

Upon collection or delivery, you should confirm that the garment(s) are as ordered and sign and return the Certificate of Completion. If for any reason you are unable to sign the certificate on delivery, you must notify me within 10 days of delivery of any alleged defect or failure to comply with instructions, or it shall be deemed that the garments have been made in accordance with your instructions, are free from any defect and that you have accepted them